Am I really that old?

Am I really that old?

Well, another year and another birthday. At times it is hard for me to imagine that I’ve ventured into the 30’s since at times working in student ministry makes me think I’m still one of them! I guess that is good since it does keep me young and current with trends and fads, but then my body reminds me that I’m not one of them… and at times, they remind me that I’m not one of them!

We are remodling our master bathroom and my brother-in-law and I laid tile until 2 in the morning on Friday night and then grouted until 1:30 in the morning on Saturday night. So I guess I started my birthday celebration by sponging tile. Exciting. Then by Sunday night, my body reminded me that I’m not young anymore and can’t pull all-nighters like I used to.

The busyness of the weekend kept me from really enjoying my birthday, but I’m a low-key kind of birthday guy anyway. My parents did come over for a visit which was great to see them and hopefully a good time for them to spend with their grandsons. I think we are doing the ‘family’ celebration tonight.

What a blessing to be alive, have a great family and serve an awesome God doing what I love to do! So even though I guess I really am that old… I’m grateful. God is so good and has blessed me beyond what I could imagine!

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