Beyond the Message: Best Sex Ever – Pt. 1

Beyond the Message: Best Sex Ever – Pt. 1

To my middle and high school students… I am going to try to go beyond the message for you guys each week, because I realize that (1) I can’t cover this subject well in only about 20 minutes and have more things to say and (2) many of you may have feedback you want to give or questions that you would like to ask and may not be comfortable doing so in person. So feel free to post a reply or you can always email me at

OK – so last night we did a big overview and talked about how to distinguish truth from lies. Remember – there is a lot of knowledge about sex out there, but not alot of wisdom. One of my challenges to you last night was to seek truth (John 8:31-32) and to pursue wisdom in this area (James 1:5). So, you’ve got to weigh it out in your heart. You’re saturated every week, being surrounded every day with sexual messages and you must weigh it out in your heart what’s right. Only you can make decisions for your sexuality. But that is why I am challenging you to pursue wisdom and seek truth so you can make good decisions.

You know when it comes to sexual purity the goal isn’t just to remain a virgin. I’ve been really concerned by this term I’ve heard called “technical virginity” – meaning I can do EVERYTHING but have sexual intercourse and remain a virgin. That’s just not true. This is a little bit of an aside, do you know that venereal disease two years ago, was typically in the genital area? Now a higher majority of venereal disease is in the mouth area. Everybody has kind of moved to oral sex to protect their virginity. Venereal disease is sweeping high schools and colleges, orally.

I’ve heard some of you saying, “Well, how can I stay pure? It seems impossible to stay pure.” You don’t need sex to live. I mean, nobody has ever died of not having sex. You don’t see people crawling on the sidewalk moaning, “I need sex, I need sex.” Even though this week, Lindsay Lohan has been sending text messages from rehab that she needs “McDonalds and sex.” You don’t need sex… you need oxygen, air, water, and food. Let’s keep things in perspective!

The world is going to tell you that everyone is doing it and that you can’t stay pure… we debunked that as a lie last night. It’s just not the truth – everyone is not doing it and you can stay pure! Remember if you have a story you want to share or a question you want to ask, please do! I’m here for you.

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