Beyond the Message: Best Sex Ever – Pt. 3

Beyond the Message: Best Sex Ever – Pt. 3

What a girl wants… is the topic that Ashley and I covered last night in the third part of this series. Remember students – that I want you to be able to hear truth from the heart of someone who cares greatly about you and your future! Girls, I brought Ashley in to help me speak directly to some of the lies that the world is telling you that how you look and how your perform will give you the acceptance you want. It’s a big lie! Remember our culture is constantly changing so you have to believe something that is constant and doesn’t change – and that would be God’s truth. To see how culture changes, check this out…

As I was preparing to teach, I did some research on the Internet and I found that in 1951 Miss Sweden was 5’7” and weighed 151 pounds. What would we call a 5’7”, 151 pound girl, today? Probably FAT! Three decades later, in 1983, Miss Sweden, was 5’9” and weighed 109 pounds. Most of you girls have grown up with the Barbie image of beauty and Barbie is not reality. Someone wrote that if Barbie were a real life figure her boobs would be so big she’d fall flat on her face. It’s true! Yet this is what you’ve grown up with – and even now, the images of “beauty” and of how you need to dress, act and think is getting worse all the time.

Girls, you’ve got to find your acceptance in being loved, known and respected by God. He is the only one that can meet the need that deep down inside, your soul desires. You won’t find it in how you look, how you perform and you won’t find it in guys! So I challenge you to find who you are in Christ! You were created in God’s image (likeness) and He created you exactly the way He wanted you to be. Take great joy in that promise and find your acceptance in Him alone!

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