Living in 4-D

Living in 4-D

Some of my staff and I ventured to O-town at the end of last week for a student ministry conference… and not just any student ministry conference, but one at the Hard Rock Cafe Universal. The conference was good. Alot of good speakers, sessions and resources. But what makes this conference great is the free afternoon we get in one of the parks. Due to a staff member that will remain nameless, but is at the point of not being able to take a spin on Dueling Dragons, we opted for Universal Studios. You know, it’s the one with Twister, The Mummy, Fear Factor Show and Shrek 4-D.

Did I mention it was 4-D. I don’t know what any of the other “D’s” stand for when there are just three of them, but 4-D is much more exciting. Water sprays on you, your seat shakes and things touch your feet at which point two of my macho guy staffers raise their feet and scream like a girl. Want names? Drew and Shawner.

I’ve had some time to process the weekend. The tidbits of information from speakers; having your heart challenged toward being a Godly leader; the fun time with my staff but also the time of connection. It was not just an experience in 4-D, but we are called to live in a 4-D world.

I read some stats this morning (not March Madness stats for my bracket) but about the lives of teenagers. It was pretty depressing. But more than the stats, my mind starting placing faces and names with stats. I’m not called to minister to the names and faces, but the heart, life and everything else that comes with the package. Life in 4-D, I guess. Sounds exciting when it is Shrek coming off the screen, but somewhat scary in real life. I guess because it is real life… meeting people where they are, not where you want them to be.

So the journey begins for all of us. Things never work out in our lives like they do on paper. So, how do we live this life? All I know is that the journey must start at the cross and culminate with surrender. I love the words of Jesus to us in John 10:10, where he says that He came to give us life… and a better one than we’ve ever dreamed of. What an awesome promise… there can be joy in the journey! Is that life in 4-D? I’m not exactly sure, but I love living it!

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