Beyond the Message: Best Sex Ever Pt. 6

Beyond the Message: Best Sex Ever Pt. 6

Hey students… like I said last night, some of you are breathing a sigh of relief to know that the “sex talks” are over, but I realize for others of you that this may have brought to surface in your life some painful memories, shame or guilt. Remember, my desire was to simply present truth from someone that loves you and greatly cares about your future!

As we’ve been talking about what the Bible says about sex just remember that sex was God’s idea! He created it! He created it to be wonderful. He created you and I as sexual beings. It was his design. He made it up. He designed our bodies that way. He designed sex to be pleasurable. But He designed it within a boundary; one plus one equals one for all of life. Sex not a purely physical thing, just go out and have sex. It won’t be any big deal. No consequences. Whoever you want. That’s what the world says. God says one plus one equals one, and because of that some of you who have been sexually involved you’ve been kind of putting your hands over your eyes, kind of afraid and are struggling through the concept of “now what?”

So, if that is you and you have walked down that road – if you’ve gone a little too far or if you’ve gone all the way – maybe you’ve said things like: “I don’t like what I’ve become… I wish I could start over… Will this memory ever go away?… Will this crisis ever end? …” I want to tell you that God is crazy about you. You’re not the only person alive who’s ever messed up. God can still invade your life and use you in great ways.

We talked about the truth that God forgives and forgets. Some of you have said, “God, come into my life. I want a relationship with you.” But then you turned your back and you’ve walked the other way. In many ways we flip God off with our life. But do you know what He does? He passionately pursues you. When you walk away from God, you know what He’s doing? He is chasing after you.

Some of you are reading this not knowing that He’s been chasing you to get you to hear, to pause your life, to turn off the TV, to turn off the music, to get away from your friends, to get away from a party, to stop being insecure for just a minute to open up a little bit of your life where He can get into you through the power of the Holy Spirit to get into your life to say, “I love you. I want a relationship with you. Stop running from me. Accept my forgiveness.” Because God not only forgives He also forgets.

If you need to accept God’s forgiveness for the first time in your life, would you just email me ( so I can pray for you? God is ready to forgive you and make you that new creation that we talked about. He wipes clean your mistakes. As always, I’d love to hear from you guys about how this series impacted your life. Feel free to be honest – share the good and the bad. I love you guys and am praying that you will not only accept God’s forgiveness, but that you would pursue his plan and purpose for your life!

Info/Research for this series has come from: Family Research Council, MTV Surveys, Henry Kaiser Family Foundation, Saddleback Church, USA Today, and other miscellaneous articles on various related topics.

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