March Madness

March Madness

With a title like that you’d think I’d be writing about how much I love all the basketball on TV (despite my bracket crumbling before my eyes) or maybe I’d be writing about how everything in bloom is driving my allergies crazy, but no, March Madness for me is really just my life… and not just my life in March.

I don’t know what attracts me to “busyness”. But I do know that I’ve always been that way. I’m not one for sitting on the bench, sitting back or even sitting around. Within me is an insatiable desire to “do” – to be active – to be involved. Maybe that’s why I like the concept of March Madness. So much basketball on TV I can’t even watch all the games. Maybe my blog and life should be titled “Todd’s Madness.”

The other day I was talking to our college minister who after hearing my summer schedule had a puzzled look on his face like, “Huh?” While he was saying, “How are you going to do all that?” I was thinking, “Wonder how I can work going on that college mission trip into my summer schedule!”

The story about Mary and Martha in Luke 10 sometimes really bothers me. I don’t know if I’m allowed to say that something in the Bible bothers me, but I guess I just did. I’ve read it and even taught on it so much that I can practically retell it word for word. I think if I were Jesus I would have told Mary to get off her duff and make some cookies or something. But Mary was doing the “most important thing” sitting at the feet of Jesus.

I pray that in my busyness I never lose sight of the most important thing. In fact, I really pray that my busyness stems from the most important thing and that would be loving God and loving others. I don’t want to be a Martha. I want to be a Mary that is motivated by my time with Christ to serve like a Martha. I think I’m finding the balance better in this world of my madness!

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