Beyond the Message: Homosexuality Pt. 1

Beyond the Message: Homosexuality Pt. 1

OK guys… you know the drill by now. I have too much to say every week and not enough time each Wednesday night to cover it all. So, let’s go beyond the message on homosexuality.

Like I said last night, I realize that this is an extremely difficult topic to talk about because for many of us it hits close to home. And that can be direct – like personal struggles, a family member or a close friend; or it can be indirect – like jokes, the “gay” voice, names, stereotypes and flat out rejection. Unfortunately it has been an “untouchable” topic for the church or has been the way for many Christians to enact the justice of God while yielding the Bible as their weapon of choice.

Let me saying a word to those of you that are dealing with this directly. Maybe the message last night hit you between the eyes. If you’re struggling with homosexuality, thoughts or the whole arena of your sexuality is confusing and you are feeling alone, my heart goes out to you. I can’t even imagine what it’s like for you when you go home at night and you are mentally tormented. Please do not wrestle this battle alone. Do not push God out of your life. God is dying to be a part of your inward battle and your struggle. He accepts you and He loves you and He wants to help you work through it. Please don’t push Him away.

I think probably one of the worst things we can do as people who struggle with sins, whatever they may be, is to keep it silent. Because if we keep something silent it just eats us up inside. I want to encourage you to talk to somebody. Get open. I know all of us on staff here at the Wood are ready and would be happy to talk with you. Maybe you can understand it this way – just as the hospital is there and a place for people with broken bones, so is the church a place for people with broken lives.

For those of you that are dealing with this indirectly, let me encourage you to simply evaluate your thoughts on this topic. Why is it easier for you to reject rather than accept? Why is it easier to laugh and participate in the “gay” jokes and comments? Why is it easier for you to stereotype and keep your distance than move towards someone with the love of Christ? So my challenge to you guys is to do some serious evaluation. Strive to be accepting – loving people right where they are for who they are. Acceptance and toleration are not the same! Our challenge is to see people through the eyes of Christ and act accordingly. Remember – you have the message of life and your mission is to give it away!

My prayer is that our student ministry would be a place where people can come in their brokenness and feel safe and accepted and a place where they can come and work through their “stuff.” Because the truth is we all have stuff. We all have struggles, we all have broken lives. In some area we all need help. And we need each other. I encourage you to get help.

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