Beyond the Message: Homosexuality Pt. 2

Beyond the Message: Homosexuality Pt. 2

Hopefully you guys were enlightened to hear about this topic from someone with a first-hand perspective on the subject of homosexuality. To me, the message that came through loud and clear in her story was God’s love for her and God’s love for all humanity. Sin breaks God’s heart – no matter the sin. But God in His grace and mercy continues to pursue us with the hope that we will accept His forgiveness and repent (which means turn our back on) from our sin. I would challenge you to take some time and reflect on your heart and life today. Not just on this subject, but just God’s pursuit of your heart and the ‘dirtiness’ that is found in it.

Moving from God’s pursuit of us should be how we pursue others with God’s love! Whether homosexual, transgender or anyone struggling with sexual confusion; I challenge you to take the advice your heard last night and separate the person from the lifestyle (sin) they are living in. See them through Christ’s eyes and move towards them in Christ’s love.

Finally, I want to encourage you again in what you heard last night. If you are struggling with homosexuality, sexual confusion or any secret in your heart – please talk to someone. I’m here, the rest of our student staff, Pastors and our Bold Appeals Ministry stand ready just to listen. We want to hear your heart and story and simply walk alongside you. No one should walk this journey alone! Please email me if you have any questions or want to talk further.

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