Farewell Faithful Tahoe

Farewell Faithful Tahoe

Today I sit down to write after watching my Tahoe of nearly 8 years drive off into the sunset. Well… actually it was already dark, but just go with it. It seems strange that you would be sad about seeing your old car go bye-bye knowing it is being upgraded to a newer and shiner replacement. But I just think back on the memories. The many students it has carried around over the years. The family trips to the beach and to visit relatives. The many trips up forest roads to lead the guys and me to a trailhead. Hauling around trailers, boats and other loads. But then I think about the bad things… the less than 13 MPG and costing close to $75 to fill the tank at one time. The expensive replacement parts and automotive bills.

It’s funny how we get attached to things. I don’t think it is all that bad. As long as it stays in the proper ‘kingdom’ perspective. Moths and rust do corrupt and thieves do break in and steal. I think holding loosely to worldly possessions and investing in eternal things – the Word of God and souls – is where I’ll focus.

So I say farewell faithful Tahoe. Thanks for the journey… the people we saw and the places we went. I enjoyed our 117,000 miles we shared together.

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