Down Memory Lane

Down Memory Lane

Tonight I had “dad duty” again… but I don’t have any spectacular stories to share about my great successes or anything like that. It was a normal night, but one that took me down memory lane as I took my boys on a walk around the neighborhood. Brock was riding his skateboard and I’m pushing Jake in the jogging stroller and I had this flashback looking down into the stroller and thinking back to when I was running Brock around in it.

I used to go on my afternoon run and take Brock to the lake to go feed the ducks when we lived in Birmingham. He would always be excited about feeding the ducks but was always more excited about the bread. I remember looking down once to see him munching down on the old, crusty, almost moldy bread that was for the ducks with a big grin on his face (sorry Brooke, I don’t think I told you about that). Being a great dad, I just reminded him to save some for the ducks. But it never failed that we would finally make it to the lake and Brock would be sound asleep in the stroller.

I’m remembering this while heading back home tonight and there goes Jake – off to sleep. Normally I would be very excited about that other than I still had to feed him once more before bed. But I just couldn’t get over the fact that Brock used to fit in the same stroller that Jake was riding in.

What a blessing to be a dad… and to take walks down memory lane.

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