Let me start off by saying how grateful I am to have such an incredible staff and group of students that would allow me to be able to be away from camp and not have to worry about anything. It meant alot for me to be able to be with my family during a tough time. And thank you for your prayer support.

Well, yesterday was an awesome day for the students. It started out with a morning session on the overlook (check out the pics below) and then interactives and free time. During free time, 15 of our students went out to climb a mountain. I’ve heard good stories, but don’t have any pictures. We had alot of students go out and create some Rambo moments in a paintball match. They’ve got some good battle wounds, but unfortunately I don’t have pictures of that either.

I made it back in time for our evening session and I am so glad I did. It was another emotional night as Tim continued his talk about God our Father and how we can know him and relate to him. Many of our students shared from some deep (and emotional) places in their heart about family and fathers. So be prepared as they return in a few days to hear what God has been teaching them and hopefully you will be seeing changed lives! We had some students make some life changing (and eternity changing) decisions last night and we praise God for that!

The night capped off with a relaxed movie and hang night. God is doing a good work. Please continue to pray for our students!

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  1. Todd-Great pictures and terrific words from you. Be assured of our prayers throughout. I hope that there is a release of the Spirit in you on this trip so that you will have refreshment and renewal also.

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