We are just finishing up dinner after returning from a fun day (for most) on the river. For the girls that were deathly terrified of river grass or anything else under the water it wasn’t so fun for them… especially when they got fliipped by some of our mean boys. It was all in good fun and unlike previous years, we didn’t lose anyone on the river! The weather held out for us and we are having a great time.

This morning I had the opportunity to speak to the whole camp in our morning worship time before our students moved into their quiet times. I challenged them to take off their masks – sharing from the story in John 4 where Jesus encounters the Samaratian woman at the well.

We also had our morning competitions which were really a blast to watch. It was blazing hot outside, but we’ve managed to keep everyone hydrated and out of the sun as much as we can.

Tonight after our chapel time, we are having a real Rodeo show which will be a first. I guess it is all tying in to the Wild Wild West theme for camp this year. After the Rodeo we have our family group time and then we will hit the bed. Everyone is pretty exhausted from the river, so hopefully we will get a good night sleep.

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