It’s pretty hard to believe that tomorrow will be our last day here at Kulaqua. I’m sure for some it will be a good thing to be back home… especially the ones who can’t find their towel, tootbrush or haven’t showered all week. Oh the joys of MS camp! Seriously, it will be hard for all of us to leave because God has done a special work in our hearts this week. We’ve been reminded of His incredible love for us and sacrifice it took for us to be forgiven and have life. I have seen and heard how God has been at work in our student’s lives and for that I’m grateful!

This morning we had our chapel time and devotional time that focused on the righteousness we have because of Christ and the future hope that awaits us. It was good to see the MS students get presented with an eternal focus rather than simply thinking the world revolves around them.

This afternoon was a great day to be around camp as the majority of camp went tubing (we did ours on Tuesday for that very reason). So the lines were short and we were able to have a great time around camp during free time. Unfortunately we got waxed in our soccer competition, but who said it was all about winning a trophy anyway? Oops… maybe that was me.

We had some special visitors today. My beautiful wife, Brooke and my youngest made the trip down with Ashley (our student minister to girls) and her baby Reed, and Jamie (my assistant). It was fun for all of us to catch up with our other student ministry leaders that couldn’t make it for the whole week.

Tonight was a very powerful time in worship with Wayne and a great message on regeneration by Mario. This led to an intimate time of sharing in our family groups. We finished off the night with inflatables, DDR tourney, Guitar Hero tourney and the Dodgeball tourney. In an amazing show of heart and athleticism, one of our dodgeball teams played for the trophy in the finals but came up just short. It was almost the first ever MS Camp championship and trophy for us, but instead we had alot of disappointed and teary faces. But they played like champions and made us “coaches” proud!

Parents, don’t forget to check the hotline 894-1400 x. 219 for updates on our exact arrival time. We should be leaving around 11 am, take a lunch stop and arrive around 3 pm. I’ll update the hotline regularly on our drive back to Tallahassee.

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