Camp is over. That is a hard thing for me to type. I guess I could be considered somewhat crazy for saying that I’m sad to be done spending a week with over 600 middle schoolers, but the sadness comes from knowing that I have to re-enter the “real” world. Camp is a world of it’s own. To be away from TV, iPods, movies and other worldly influences for a week is refreshing to my soul! The unity and love that God grew among our middle school students was awesome. It was really evident when we were playing for the Dodgeball championships! But it was also evident in how they related with each other all week long and how hard it was to say goodbye after stepping off the bus just moments ago.

We were challenged this morning to remember and share what God did in our hearts this week. So students, I challenge you to do that. Open up and share what God taught you and showed you this week with your family. Our challenge was also not to leave camp the same way that we went. That is true of my life, but remember I told you that it is tough living in the valley. We’ve left a good place in meeting God and being close to God (the mountaintop) but now we’ve had to come back to life in the valley. Satan would want nothing more than to invalidate what happened this week and get you to return to your old life and the old you.

Continue to allow the Gospel to penetrate your heart! Stay connected to the living water found in Christ Jesus. I had a great week with you guys and I’m praying for you!

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