Mission Nicaragua :: Day 1

Mission Nicaragua :: Day 1

Our first day here in Nicaragua and we hit the ground… not rolling, but with sholves and pic axes! We loaded up early and headed out to work for our first day on the jobsite in the outskirts of La Trudeca (the city dump). On the way in, we did make a stop inside the dump to visit Collegia de Esperanza (School of Hope) that the Buzbees run inside the dump. It has about 350 students. The school could best be compared to a inner city, poverty-stricken school filled with troubled kids. But a powerful work is going on there as they try to give these kids a way out from the lifestyle they were born into. We got to see the medical team from Miami that is here as they were doing a one day clinic of dental and medical check-ups, procedures and giving out supplies.

From there we met (I’ll skip her name since I can’t spell it) the mother we are working for. She has 6 boys and 1 baby girl and they are living in a home the size of my office at church. Her husband walked out on her 3 1/2 years ago. She broke down crying when I walked in to meet her. She was just overwhelmed that we would come to help her.

We are going to be building a new home for her around her current home and then in the process demolishing her current home made of scraps of tin and materials from the dump. Her “job” is collecting large plastic bags from the dump and washing them. Some of our team joined in to help her. They braved some horrific conditions (nasty water, flies, etc) to minister to her in love. The rest of the team started digging la tierra (the dirt) to prepare for the foundation and walls.

We took off early from the job to head to the airport and by the grace and provision of God, all 32 of our bags made it in! We were very excited – especially the girls who were sharing shampoo, deodarant and other toiletries! We got a little down time before dinner to swim and relax and we just finished our nightly team debriefing and prayer time. I would ask that you would pray for us to be seeing this week through the eyes of Christ. Many were already overwhelmed by the sights and
smells of today. Here’s some pics so you can see what we are up to!

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