Mission Nicaragua :: Day 4

Mission Nicaragua :: Day 4

We experienced a few setbacks in the health department with our team. I can put it this way – Immodium AD is the drug of choice right now. It pretty much hit everyone (except for about 6) yesterday in varying degrees. Three of our team members, Samantha, Lizzie and Bob stayed behind today to rest. Praise God everyone was alive and well (or better) at dinner tonight. Please pray, though, for the health of our team and that this is just a small stomach issue a not a contagious bug or something!

But the work had to continue and we stayed divided up by gender today. The girls returned to the rescue home to continue painting, while the guys returned to our home in La Trudeca. The girls were able to get alot accomplished and it is working well to have our team divided even though we would all love to be together. The worksite is just too small. However, the girls joined us at lunchtime – and even blessed us guys by making our sandwiches for us!

The project of the day for us guys was to move loads of la tierra (dirt). We had to trench the right side and back side of the house to prepare for the foundation. This sounds easy, but the dirt is like concrete here and requires a pick axe to bust up. We even had to go through some layers of concrete and rock. We are trenching down about 3 feet and then going about 4 for the posts. So today was lots of sweat and dirt! Then in the afternoon we mixed 2 batches of concreto for the post holes. Everyone has worked really well together and managed to get alot of work done. We put in a full day today to try to catch up some. Tomorrow we will pour the foundation and start on the walls.

One of the neatest experience of today (besides the scorpion we caught in the guys dorm and tarantula we caught at the jobsite) was to see Diamaris and her children really open up to us. She was trying to communicate with us as best as possible and we all had a great time giving the children little gifts and playing with them. It is awesome to see how the love of Christ penetrates barriors of culture, economics and even language. You really start to understand the why Christ called the little children to come to Him and why He said the faith required is a childlike faith. It blows my mind to see kids that live in filth and have so little enjoy life so much. Thank you for your prayer support! We are really walking by faith and trying to minister the gospel of grace through our words and deeds here in Nicaragua.

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  1. Hey Everyone! I love hearing all about the amazing work you are doing, and how faithful God is to you. I hope you are all feeling much better, and I can’t wait to see you soon and hear everything! You are all in our prayers!!Much love in Christ,Ashley

  2. Team:Am so sorry to hear that some of you are not feeling well. I pray that it passes quickly and that everyone on the team is back at 110% by now. Remember who you serve! God bless you!

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