Mission Nicaragua :: Day 6

Mission Nicaragua :: Day 6

UPDATED. I got some more time tonight after dinner to do an update and I hope to come back and do another one later tonight about today. Like I mentioned earlier, we put in a half day work with a full team! We mixed more concrete and put up more bricks. It’s a slow process, but we are seeing progress as the walls go up. Some of the team were able to “work” by having fun and playing with the neighborhood children. They were out of school since it was a national holiday. Their faces light up when the gringos and gringas arrive… mainly because we come bearing gifts (courtesy of Oriental Trading), but because they love to play with us too. It is amazing to see their faces and countenance change when we play with them, despite the living conditions surrounding them.

In the afternoon, we took about an hour ride south to the beach! It was a fun and relaxing time for our team to spend together. This was the first time some members of our team had seen and swam in the Pacific. We all needed some down time and had a great time enjoying the beauty of God’s creation here in Nicaragua.

We finally finished unpacking all our clothes and re-bagging them by size, etc. It was a tedious process but will help so much for the families the Buzbees work with. A large portion of the clothes will be given to the teachers in the Collegio de Esperanza (School of Hope) in La Trudecca (the dump). They will sell them to the families for a good price which also helps them boost their salary.

Our team time at night has been such an encouragement to me personally. I love hearing our students share their hearts about what God is teaching them and what they are learning. We are all processing alot and experiencing life like we have never seen or lived before. Please continue to pray for us as we finish up our work and ministry time here in Nicaragua.

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