Summer Dreams…

Summer Dreams…

It’s hard for me to even type the words. Summer’s over. You would think someone in student ministry who lives out of his suitcase the majority of the summer would be glad to be back in his own bed. And it’s not that. It is always tough being away from my family and only being home for just a handful of days all summer long.

But it is equally as hard to say goodbye to summer. Primarily for spiritual reasons. Even though I do alot of ‘giving’ spiritually during the summer, I also receive quite a bit. It is so encouraging to not only encourage God’s work in the lives of my students, but God always does a powerful work in my heart as well.

It is always hard to leave the mountaintop. Having concentrated times in God’s presence is good for my heart. I can see why Peter said, “Let’s pitch some tents and stay up here.” Our hearts long for the mountaintop where God’s presence is felt and seen. But valley dwelling calls to me. That’s home and where I’m called to live and minister.

But I’m so grateful for the summer. I love the mountaintop. I love watching God move in powerful ways among our students and sharing that experience with them.

Camps and mission trips are done. My prayer is that God’s work would continue to go forth as we pray His Kingdom come!

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