Coach Dad

Coach Dad

I haven’t had alot of free moments to sit down with the house being quiet lately… the boys are asleep, Brooke is at work at the Jags are playing Monday Night Football. I’ve had some great experiences to write about lately, but they left me before I got to. But I couldn’t let tonight pass by.

I knew today was going to be a challenge. Brooke had to work which meant Dad duty, but Dad duty and Coach duty – a new, yet not necessarily a winning combination. Coaching is OK and Dad is OK, but Coach Dad is a different story.

Brock and I were anxiously watching the clock to see if we were even going to make it to football practice on time, as Jake was still napping. And dinner for Jake still had to happen. He made it and I had prepped the “bag of life” and figured we could do some food on the way and some at the field. Noticing a smell – you know the kind that stops you dead in your tracks – wafted upward before we made it to the car. Running back inside and frantically trying to undue those midget snaps on 15 layers of clothes (Mom is into the dressing for cuteness not practicality)… there it was. No time to put on the much needed HAZMAT suit… I had to go in. I got layer one off and there it was. Nothing like poop coming out of all available crevices and on to every layer of “cute outfit”. Had to work fast, which meant only coming up for air a few times. This one was so good, that I’ll make sure Jake thanks me for this when he is old enough to understand.

The next part of my journey had me looking like Steve Martin in “Cheaper by the Dozen” trying to coach football with a 1-year old on your hip. Doesn’t exactly inspire greatness in your players, but then again, I’m coaching 8 year olds who would rather chase each other around and pull each others flags then actually run the plays we call.

“Welcome to Moes” is where we ended up as I knew I was racing against the bedtime clock, but hey,kids do eat free on Mondays – it was a great audible. Coach Brian, Shara and their three joined us which gave us one of the more rowdy tables in Moes, but it was fun. What was more fun was trying to eat a Joey with my left, put it down and feed Jake with the left while the right had to hold since all the high chairs were taken. That might have been harder than coaching with Jake.

But we finally were on the way home, while I was drafting one last play for the evening. I’m giving Brock the call to run a fade route and get the bath running, while I prep the bedtime bottle, get baby undressed and in the tub and clean; handoff back Brock to warm the bottle and throw it deep to me in the end zone where I’m trying to grab flailing limbs and get PJ’s on. Then it’s off to bottle and some rocking while Brock is doing his pre-bed routine.

I didn’t score any big yardage tonight, but we managed to keep penalties and fumbles to a minimum! All in this great game of life in the Veleber world!

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  1. Doesn’t this make you appreciate even more the multi tasking abilities of your lovely wife!Yea, Coach Dad!!! Touchdown!!!

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