Kulaqua :: Day 4

Kulaqua :: Day 4

It was somewhat of a bittersweet day today knowing that it was our last full day of camp. This has really been a special camp for our middle school students personally, but also for us as a middle school ministry. We’ve had some bumps along the way this week, but God has definitely been present and moving here at camp.

We had a faced paced morning today in order to get us fed and ready to go down the river. Despite threats of bad weather, we had an absolutely beautiful, sunny day on the river. We ended with the same number we started with and that is always a plus. Most overcame their fear of “seaweed” and the “monsters of the deep” and enjoyed the trip down the chilly river.

Our evening chapel time was a great ending to the nightly sessions. Wayne and the band led in a sweet time of worship and Mario did a good job wrapping up this concept of pain, suffering and how we as Christians should respond. He pointed out that our response comes from where our faith is founded. A deep faith in the unchanging nature and love of God will weather the storms we will face in this life.

To end the night, we celebrated Jonathan’s birthday and then we had the whole camp in the gym for a huge inflatable, dodgeball, basketball, guitar hero, rock band and some hang time with Wayne and the band. It was loud and crazy – with over 500 ms students running around, but a fun time.

We probably aren’t really looking forward to heading back tomorrow, but we know we must. We are all very grateful that God met us here and we ask ou to pray for a safe ride home. Remember, I’ll update the hotline with our exact arrival time.

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