Nicaragua:: Day 1

Nicaragua:: Day 1

What an amazing first full day (and first work day) we had here in Nicaragua. God gave us beautiful weather with a great view and plenty of sun… maybe even too much sun for most!

We started our day early with our team devotional time and then some individual time alone with God. We then loaded the bus and headed up the road about 30 minutes to the Los Cedros community. We’ve worked in this community on previous missions, building a home and working on the school. We had a little trek up to our work site that sits on a hillside.

Our team is building a home from literally the ground up… and we worked the ground pretty hard today! Since it is on a hillside we had to cut in to get level for the foundation. We also had to dig about 10 2-4 foot holes in what we are calling the honey dirt – because it is so sticky and compact. It was a tiring day, but we got a lot accomplished: footers dug, rebar built, foundation prepped, concrete mixed and poured.

The woman we are building the home for is a 45-year old widow with 4 boys. The youngest is 16 and still lives with her. She has never had a house before. She is currently living near Pastora Manuel and the church and her boys take care of her. Her dream was to one day own a home. She was given a tract of land and the supplies were delivered on Monday. When she walked up the hill today she was overwhelmed. I introduced myself and navigated my way through about 3 sentences of Spanish and then called for some translating help! She proceeded to share her story, her faith and how she couldn’t believe she was actually going to have a home of her own. She was overcome with emotion and I was too just listening.

After a full day of work, we did enjoy some down time at the pool and had a great dinner and then team time together tonight. We invite you to pray for us and the work and ministry God has in store for us; but also pray that He would do a good work in our hearts as well!

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