Nicaragua:: Day 8

Nicaragua:: Day 8

It’s hard to believe but the time is nearing an end for the construction team and I think it has finally hit them (I’m staying for another 10 days with the camp team!) I can’t tell you how much fun it was to have both teams together last night. We had a great time sharing experiences and praying for each other.

Today the construction team went back to Los Cedros one last time for the dedication of Maujore’s home. She was in tears before she even made it up the hill to see her home. I had the privilege to pray with her and her family as we dedicated her house to the Lord. We gathered around and shared many hugs and she also expressed her gratitude. It was definitely hard to say goodbye. Although, the camp team is going to be able to go back after camp and pour the floor so hopefully we will see her again!

After leaving, we headed over to Collegio Christiano to say goodbye to the preschool students and to see the final masterpiece on the walls. The whole school (students and teachers) gathered to thank our team for the painting and begged us to return to paint all the other rooms! It was hard to say goodbye to the Los Cedros community today, but we are prayerful that we will return next year!

After Los Cedros we headed down the road to the beach! It was a much-deserved break for the construction team who has put in some long days, hard work and lots of love into our projects. It was a first for some in the Pacific and we all had fun in the sun!

We capped off our day with a special team dinner. It was a night on the town for us and despite being raining, we had a great time. We ate at Dona Haydee Restaurant and had some great Nicaraguan food!

The camp team got organized at the compound this morning and loaded up the bus to head down to Campo Allegria after lunch. This will give them some time to get prepared for the campers arrival tomorrow. I’ll be saying goodbye to the construction team tonight and joining the bus of campers to meet up with the camp team for the remainder of the mission.

Please pray for safe travels for our construction team (they have to be up at 4am and fly out at 7am) and pray for the upcoming mission of the camp team!

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