Nicaragua:: Day 12

Nicaragua:: Day 12

Camp is finished. Those are hard words to type. Even though we are all pretty exhausted from days that started way to early, fun in the sun, swimming, serving meals, facilitating stations, carrying kids around, to just trying to love like Christ – it was very difficult to say goodbye to the kids today.

We ran a normal day’s schedule except we introduced the “polar bear” swim to those brave enough (only the boys were) to go for a dip around 6:00 am this morning. We do polar bear swims at MS Camp where the spring is cold, but really cold in the morning hours. Here it wasn’t the water temp, but the lack of sun and heat! But it was a blast.

We wrapped up our time before lunch with a special movie of all the pictures we had taken of the kids all week. They were so excited to see themselves up on the big screen. Then we gave the kids a chance to speak about anything they had learned. A few got up to thank us and God and even the food – just for a great camp this week. I had the opportunity to thank them for coming and to challenge them to continue to grow in what that had heard and learned this week.

Before they were ready to go to the bus, we pulled out our surprise of the week. Thanks to the Wildwood VBS, we had a brand new backpack full of school supplies and a new pair of flip flops for every child at camp. I can’t even describe with words how excited they were… their eyes lit up as they received the backpacks and looked at he contents. It was truly a greater joy to give than receive.

Although we have received. We have been so blessed to have been a part of these kids lives and to spend this time with them. Who would have guessed how attached you can get in just a few days. It was also heartbreaking to think about some of the family situations and living conditions they will face when they depart the bus. We laughed, hugged and cried one last time and then chased the bus down the road in true Nicaragua fashion.

We spent the afternoon relaxing, swimming some and then had a nice team dinner and debriefing time. God has truly been doing a good work in our hearts and we pray He will continue to do so. PS – we also caught a really big tarantula tonight!

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