Elevate: Day 4

Elevate: Day 4

It’s hard to believe that we have crossed the mid-point of camp already. And I know I promised some more pics, but I can’t seem to find the USB cable so I figured I would get a text update and can maybe do some pics tomorrow.

Today was a big day for the majority of our students that braved the cold water and rapids of the Ocoee. I’ve heard some good stories about some students taking an unexpected swim, but thankfully no rafts taco’d on rocks like last year! We did have a few chickens… I mean some leaders and students stay behind and took their own excursion downtown to see some sights.

I made it back to camp right when our evening worship was beginning and am so glad I did. Adam and the band led in a powerful time of worship and Brent again did a good job of helping the students see the pitfalls of idolatry. One of the verses from Isaiah 46 that really stood out to me says, “To whom will you compare me or count me equal? To whom will you liken me that we may be compared?” (vs. 5). We have this idea that these idols in our lives can satisfy or bring happiness, yet God clearly sets Himself up in a way that no idols could ever compare. And for the most part, I believe we know that in our head, but His majesty and sufficiency doesn’t always impact our heart.

Tomorrow will be another full day of activities here on campus and then in the afternoon we will head downtown for our free time. Tomorrow night after worship we will cap off camp with our “Southland’s Got Talent” show. Our students have been hard at work on a musical number that they are very excited to perform.

I would ask that you continue to pray for all of us and pray that God would speak to our hearts in a powerful way that changes our lives!

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