Elevate: Day 6

Elevate: Day 6

The last morning of camp is always full of mixed emotions. It was especially for me as I would have to say goodbye to our students and watch them pull out and head down the mountain.

The mountain is a unique place… not just Lookout Mountain where Covenant is, but spiritually speaking. The mountain, even throughout Scripture represented God’s presence and meeting place with His people. Even in the New Testament, Jesus often withdrew to the mountains to have time with His Heavenly Father. So, it is very fitting for our hs camp to be ‘on the mountain.’

But it is always hard to come down from the mountain spiritually speaking. And it’s even harder in a 56-passenger bus overlooking the sheer mountain face, but Darryl did a great job for us! Anyhow, there is something within us that longs for the mountaintop and doesn’t want to leave. I think that is because we experience what we were created for and we long for that communion in the kingdom to come.

We finished our time at camp literally on the overlook of the mountain. It was a beautiful place to meet with God this morning and to take a spiritual snapshot of camp. I pray that all of you hs students would remember what God has shown you, taught you and challenged you to. I pray that you would treasure Him above all else and readily lay down your idols. I hope we will be able to look back on this camp and remember what God called us to both individually and as a high school ministry. I pray that your hearts would long for the connection you had a camp and would realize God always stands willing and ready to meet you “on the mountain”!

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