Mission Nicaragua: Day 3

Mission Nicaragua: Day 3

One of my favorite aspects of our time down here is the morning (I’m quite sure not everyone on the team agrees) but it is just refreshing to have our TAWG after our morning devotional time as a team. We all are enjoying the space and silence to connect in greater depth with God and His Word as the start to our day.

I’m pretty sure that our bodies are getting adjusted to the time zone and the work load and even the food! We seemed to hit our stride as the “painting team” today. By the way, this isn’t just like rolling up some latex paint in the States. We are working with a very thick oil based paint on very rough, uneven concrete walls and decorative concrete blocks. Most of us have a good indicator on when the fumes are getting to us and we need a break. It is hard work, but we are having fun while we work. We’ve been forced to get MacGyver creative in rigging ladders to paint hard to reach places and are grateful for God’s hand of protection thus far!

And even while we work we are getting great opportunities to build some relationships in the community. Two years ago, we built a house right around the corner and so the word has spread that the ‘gringos’ are back in the neighborhood! One of the ways we are building relationships is through gifts – we bring goodies galore to give out. Today we created our first ever pinata (later called the Toddata) as I took a bag of candy and hid it under my shirt and after being hit with a baseball bat (softly, thankfully) sent it flying everywhere. Amazing what joy comes from a little fun (and candy) with the kids of the neighborhood. It’s creative ways to share the love of Christ that have been the hallmark of our teams here in Nicaragua.

We had the rains shut us down a bit early today, so we headed back to the compound for some down time in the pool. We have some pool traditions in some of the games we play and even created a new one today with a frisbee. We are praising God for moments of down time right when we need them!

I have been so encouraged by our team time at night. We meet together to talk about what God has taught us and shown us throughout the day and then we get into our gendered family groups for some time of further discussion and accountability. I feel very honored to be leading this team that God put together and have been blessed getting to know them all even better.

Tomorrow we are looking forward to worshiping at church with the Buzbees and members from the other teams here when we go to Verbo Church. Then in the afternoon we are heading into Los Cedros – a community where we have been heavily invested over the years, building homes, taking their children to camp and working on the Christian school. We’ll join those believers for worship in the evening.

We appreciate and covet your continued prayer support. And by the way, if you are reading this via Facebook, then you are missing out on some of the pictures. Just click over to toddveleber.blogspot.com to see the team in action!

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