Mission Nicaragua: Day 5

Mission Nicaragua: Day 5

We managed to get right back to the massive painting project and put in a long day today but made great progress! In fact, we are calling it “done” at Sister Ruby’s as her nephew – who has been awesome in helping us – is going to finish the back part of the house. But we did manage to finish the exterior… complete with the ‘Complaints of God’ lettering by Karen, the upstairs interior, the stairwell and the bottom family room. And even though we pushed really hard today, we did manage to squeeze in some time to play with the neighborhood kids and give away some bubbles. We were able to get Ruby outside in her wheelchair to see the home and she was overjoyed!

Before we left, we went over to Diamaris’ home one more time since she wasn’t there when we visited earlier this week. Diamaris is a ‘single’ mother of seven who continues to amaze us with her strength and love for her family. We built her home in 2007. She was so excited to see us and said that she longs for our visit each year because we hold such a special place in her heart. I am continually blown away by the relationships we form here and the impact God graciously allows us to have on the people and families we come in contact with. Her children have been watching and waiting for us every day at Ruby’s house. Her youngest daughter’s health is not good so we finished our time visiting with a time of prayer for her and the family in general.

We did manage to squeeze a little down time in before dinner. Some of the girls on our team were surprised to be sharing their shower with a good sized scorpion. Then of course, the guys had fun playing with it and feeding it to Camillo (the monkey). Never a dull moment here in Nicaragua!

It looks like more painting and small construction projects for us as we move over to our next project at Casa Robles. God just recently provided the funding for the Buzbees to purchase this home for the boys of La Chureca (the dump) who have been abandoned, abused or neglected in some form or fashion. We are really excited about the opportunity to serve there and to get to know the boys.

God is so good and has been so faithful to meet us here. We are all being stretched and challenged and being able to serve on mission for God is amazing. Please continue to lift us up in prayer – that God would continue to draw us closer to Himself while serving as His hands and feet.

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