Mission Nicaragua: Day 14

Mission Nicaragua: Day 14

Our day got off to a great start after our team devo time with all of us being able to continue to pursue the Lord in time alone with Him in the mornings. Being in such a beautiful place that is free from our normal routine and distractions seems to give God much more space and stillness to speak to each of us through His Spirit and the Word.

We knew today would be a challenging day, knowing we would have some goodbyes to say… again. But it was worth every moment that we got to spend with our Campo kids from Las Brasilles. It was very cool being able to go to their community and to see them at their ministry/feeding center and then to walk around and go to their homes. They were so excited to show us their homes and introduce us to their families. It was also quite humbling, because we got to see the poverty and home situations that they are living in. They didn’t really understand that we wouldn’t be around and that they would have to wait a year to see us again. But God just opened my eyes to the beauty of the kingdom today. We’ve formed relationships here in a country in Central America and may not get to see the fruit of the investment or even to build upon the relationships formed. Yet as believers in Christ we have the promise of eternity together. So our goodbyes are really just ‘see you laters’!

After our visit we headed over to Casa Robles one last time. I have been really motivated to finish painting the house and we were able to get the majority of the house finished today. We painted the long hallway and the final boys’ bedroom. So we are leaving the house with only a little exterior painting in a courtyard and one front bedroom unpainted. It’s hard to describe the difficulty of the painting and the size of the house, but praise God we are leaving it in great shape! We always have fun hanging with the Robles’ boys and giving them some toys to enjoy when we leave. Again we had to say some goodbyes, or rather see you later!

We managed to make it back to the compound for a little swim time which we proudly continued our tradition of a guys game of animal ball. Any of our mission alumni know the fun and the pain of this pool game! Then after dinner, we had another annual tradition of the clothing sort and fashion show. We managed to get all the clothes bagged and sorted and are leaving close to 1,000 pounds of clothing and shoes for the ministry here! Praise God!

So we had a pretty huge day as our last work day here. Tomorrow is our tour day and we are trying to jam pack it full of some visits around town and some fun. This team definitely deserves the day off as it has been some long days of work and investment in the Kingdom. God is working and feel so blessed to be able to join His work here in Nicaragua and are continually humbled that He would choose to use us!

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