Mission Nicaragua: Day 15

Mission Nicaragua: Day 15

Today was our last full day here in Nicaragua so that always comes with mixed feelings. All of us have been so impacted by our time here that we want to stay, but we know we must return. We will definitely be building some mental ‘altars’ like they did in the OT to remember the work that God has done in us and through us.

We started off our day by heading down to Los Cedros. For our camp last year, we took 40 kids from Los Cedros who had never been to camp before. So we were blessed to be able to go to the school in Los Cedros (were we have served before in construction) and see many of the kids who went to camp last year. We also took the tour around the community to see the houses we built in ’05 and ’08 and visit with the families.

After Los Cedros, we loaded up and drove back into town to do our zip line excursion at Tiscapa, which is a national park here in Nicaragua. It featured three really long runs – two over the canopy of trees and one across a lake. We all had a blast!

We also managed to squeeze in time for our annual visit to the market and our team dinner at Dona Haydees. This construction team has really grown closer to the Lord and each other this trip and I consider it such a privilege to have led both these teams down here. We are overwhelmed by the outpouring of the Spirit on our lives and on the mission God had for us here. Please pray for us as we leave in the morning (4am no less) and that we would have safe travels as we return to the States.

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