Mission Nicaragua: Day 16

Mission Nicaragua: Day 16

Our camp team has made it back home safely… after a long day of traveling that literally started with a ‘bang’ this morning. We had to be up by 4am to make the journey to the airport for the first leg of our flight back to the States.

I would say that most of us have all returned with mixed emotions. I know for me after being in Nicaragua for the whole sixteen days I feel like I am back in the States physically, but I have left my heart in Nicaragua. God always does such an amazing work in my heart through the beauty of the country, the time and space with Him and His Word and the amazing relationships we are able to form and forge with each visit.

Both of our teams this year served faithfully the call of Christ to take the Gospel to the nations. Whether through the work of our hands, the utilization of our spiritual gifts/talents/abilities, the communication of a smile, hug or our spanglish or even having the opportunity to present the Gospel in Word and deed – our prayer is that God was honored and glorified in both of our teams. I consider it such a blessing to be able to lead these teams and serve alongside our students.

Wildwood has been providing this opportunity for our students to go on mission in Nicaragua for the last six years and I pray for many more to come. This mission has truly been a turning point for so many of our students through the years. Some have received Christ, others baptized and still others hearing God’s calling to full-time service on the mission field for their future.

Our partnership and friendship with the Buzbees/Farringtons and Open Hearts Ministry has been so unique and rewarding. Our thoughts and prayers will continue to be poured out for their ministry and for the Kingdom work in Nicaragua. We consider it a privilege to be able to partner with them each and every summer.

There are so many more thoughts, stories, prayer requests and praises that need to be posted that I probably will need to come back for another update as God continues to work in our hearts and allow us to process what we saw, felt and experienced.

My prayer for our students is that they would realize that the mission never ends. What God has done in our hearts in Nicaragua should continue to spill out of our lives right here in Tallahassee. Many thanks to our students who went, our leaders who served, our church and families who supported us and most of all to our God who says, “Go!”

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