Med Mission Nica: Day 5

Med Mission Nica: Day 5

Not that our other days haven’t been hot, but we officially topped out at 99 degrees in the shade today at our clinic. God did provide an awesome breeze all day long, though. Today we travelled beyond Los Cedros to a community called Reyes del Sur. This is a community that has never had a medical clinic before and a place where Pastor Manuel from Los Cedros is trying to build relationships. And much to my surprise we did have some Campo kids from two years ago at our clinic today (4 of which were from a family of 11).

Our clinic was hosted at a widow’s home who was also helping establish a church at her home. She thoroughly prepped her home and yard for the clinic and was an amazing host and a bread cook! She was a precious woman who, at the end of the day, invited us into her home and we had the chance to pray with her. Reyes is a beautiful place with a little river flowing nearby that we visited on our lunch break.

We set up clinic under this giant tree which gave us the much needed shade for the day. I’m not sure how many patients we saw, but our docs were presented with some interesting cases today and did their usual great job of connecting with the patients and ministering to them. Our pharmacy team had to battle the breeze but likewise got the job done. And no clinic would be complete without our consult team who explains the meds and tries to build relationships with the patients and even seeks to minister to them spiritually. We did have some good time in prayer with some of the patients.

God has been very present in our team time at night as we have processed the day and where we saw God show up. It’s been a great time of connecting with each other and with the Lord to wrap our day. I’ve been personally blessed to be a part of such a unified and unselfish team. It’s amazing what God can do and He deserves all the glory.

Tomorrow we will host our final clinic and I believe we are heading into the city of Managua. So please pray for our team that we will all have the stamina to finish strong and that we would be able to minister to the patients He brings us in word and in deed.

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