Med Mission Nica: Day 6

Med Mission Nica: Day 6

Well, I believe if we are able to be sad and glad that are clinics are over… I would think that is the case. On one hand, having a break from the near 100 degree temperature and long days will be welcomed, but then you realize that is why we came and we have had some great interactions and have built relationships with the patients, pastors and neighbors in these communities we are serving.

Today we travelled into Managua for our first “non-rural” clinic day. The people had greater access to healthcare but still faced the problem of not being able to afford the prescribed medicine. We set up shop today in a pretty tiny, but amazingly welcoming church called Iglesia Josue 1:9. The morning started a bit slow, but ended up being one of our more challenging days – in the sheer number of patients and some unexpected circumstances. It was around lunch time when we were thanking God for the fans in the church (at least air that is moving at 96 degrees feels better than stagnant air at 96 degrees!) and then the power went out. The pastor and his “staff” worked tirelessly to rig a small generator to the circuit breaker just to get our fans back going. But it was sporadic at best.

The neighbor across the street was incredibly generous to allow us to move our doctor’s stations to the front of her house under a shade tree. So our doctors got a bit of shade and light breeze, but still had alot of heat to contend with and a growing line of patients. Our pharmacy and consult team had to endure the heat inside but thankfully had a few fans going. But it was amazing reflecting on the day. God continues to show us His power and plan and that He is in control. We can’t even control the power in a church building! So we learned yet again that His purposes prevail and we are at best empty vessels that can only hope to be available and obedient.

On our way out, we got called upon to make a house call to an elderly woman who couldn’t come to the clinic. She had been seen by a doctor recently and given meds – some good and some bad. It is always eye opening to go into the homes in Nicaragua and see how they live. It was a very tiny home with dirt floors, multiple family members and the elderly woman out on a cot in the covered backyard area. They thought nothing of welcoming our med team into their home and asking for help. We did have an opportunity to pray with her and treat her problems with limited resources.

God continues to show up – not that He isn’t always present, we’re just learning to recognize Him better – in great ways. This team truly has been unified in purpose and passion and it has showed this week! Praise God! We are excited about what He has in store for us tomorrow. In the morning we will visit the dump and school. We’ll then go to Sister Ruby’s house for our team prayer time. This will be my first visit since her death and I’m sure will be an emotional experience. But this time is always so valuable for our teams as God continues to speak into our lives.

After our prayer time, we’ll have our tour day and get to relax for an afternoon before we have to pack to head back home. So far this has been an amazing trip, so I can only imagine what God has in store for us tomorrow. Thank you for your continued prayer support.

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