Med Mission Nica: Day 7

Med Mission Nica: Day 7

It’s was a bittersweet day on our full last day here in Nicaragua. What a blessing to be able to make our annual visit to La Chureca (the city dump) even though it is a heart breaking experience. Over 1000 people call the dump home with many young children making their home there. The Buzbees have multiple ministries going on in the dump – from medical and re-nutrition to education with the Christian School. We were able to drive through this morning and then stop and the school and see the kids. After a visit at the school we walked around the dump to see some of the residents that Elizabeth ministers to.

From there we headed over to Sister Ruby’s house. Ruby was a dear friend and awesome evangelist and prophetess who ministered right outside the dump in a neighboring community. Our teams have always visited for a time of prayer and this team was no exception. And even though it was different since Ruby’s home-going, it was still a powerful time of prayer as a team. The Holy Spirit moved in a mighty way, speaking and challenging our hearts.

This afternoon we had our team tour day where we travelled down to Grenada – one of the only cities that survived the war with it’s colonial style buildings intact. We took a boat tour around Lake Nicaragua which was a fun experience until one of the island monkeys visited our boat. After Grenada we headed up to a little area called Catalina which offered a change in elevation that gave us cool breezes and a spectacular view of a crater turned lake and some places to shop.

We returned for our last team dinner and Maria pulled out all the stops with a traditional Nicaraguan meal. Our time has truly been amazing down here. I know God has worked through us, but more importantly in us. Please pray for our travels tomorrow, but also pray that God would continue the work He has started in all of us!

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