Mission Nicaragua: Day 2

Mission Nicaragua: Day 2

We have our first official day here in Nica under our belt. It was a hot, sunny day but I guess God showed us his favor with some rain that cooled us off… other than the rain later turned into a torrential downpour! But in true Nica fashion – the work continued! Today we worked at Pastor Manuel’s church in Los Cedros. Pastor has become a dear friend to our teams as we have spend much time in Los Cedros. We’ve hosted med clinics, built homes, worked at the church, worshipped at the church, taken kids to camp and built and worked at the Christian school there. So being in Los Cedros definitely feels like home for us. We even got to see some familiar faces already.

We spent today building rebar, mixing concrete and painting some support beams for the roof. Our primary project at the church is adding a children’s “wing” to the back of the church. There is already an existing small room that we are going to expand to the wall height and then build out new walls, while taking down the dividing wall. This will be a huge blessing for the church to give their children and young people a place to gather and be taught the Word.

The bus ride back from Los Cedros is always exciting, but more after we made our pit stop at the grocery store and some of our guys decided to have a hot sauce chugging challenge. Just thinking the the bus with limited water wasn’t the best choice, but who actually thinks those things through ahead of time right?!

Our team time is always a highlight of our time together at night where we open the Word and open our hearts before the Lord and each other. We covet your prayer support!

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