Mission Nicaragua: Day 16

Mission Nicaragua: Day 16

Today we rode the wave of emotions in all of our activities and ministry time. We started our morning with a visit to La Chureca (the Managua city dump) which is always an eye-opening experience. There are so many parallels to the dump and the sin in our lives. It is heart-breaking to see the conditions that these families live and work in. But there is a ray of hope in the dump – Colegio Christiano Esperanza is the school in the dump that the Buzbees run. It was such a blast to stop by and see the children and to have some time to play with them.

After our time in the dump, we went over to Sister Ruby’s for our time of worship and prayer as a team. God definitely met us in that upper room of her home and the Spirit was moving freely. God had many encouraging and challenging words for our team. Our hearts were drawn closer to the Lord and to each other as a result of our time there. Praise God that Ruby’s ministry continues on after her death.

For our afternoon, we had our tour day and this team chose like the last to go to the market and then to the zipline. The market is an experience that you don’t quickly forget and the ziplines were likewise, an awesome experience. We had to navigate them in some rain, but it didn’t damper anyone’s fun!

As if our day wasn’t busy and exhausting enough, we capped it off with our team dinner out. We ate a La Finca and had a great meal and a great time of fellowship together.

It’s always hard to come together after your last full day… especially knowing that the morning is coming really early for us. We’ll but up by 4:30a to head out to the airport for our first leg. Please be in prayer for us as we travel and as we return. Pray that the good work God did in us and through us would be etched into our hearts and minds.

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