Mission Nicaragua :: Day 12

Mission Nicaragua :: Day 12

Today was our final day in Nicaragua. We started it by joining the nations in worship at Verbo Church. This is the church the Buzbees attend in Managua. So after picking up the neighborhood kids on the bus, we headed in to Managua. I love going to Verbo Church. Their worship is exciting and contagious and on the slower songs, we can actually read the words fast enough to sing along. I’m always amazed at how freely and exuberantly they worship. It’s also so cool to think about the fact that while we were worshipping in Spanish in another country, our church family was back in Tallahassee worshipping. And that’s just a small glimpse into the reality that Christians worldwide – from every tribe, tongue and nation were lifting up songs of praise to our Awesome God!

We had to cut out of church just a bit early to make it to the airport in time for our departure. After grabbing a bite to eat we all made it through security in time to board to find out that weather in Miami put us under an hour delay. We then made it to Miami only to sit on the runway for another hour before a gate opened up. So our planned 4 hour layover quickly disappeared. We had just enough time to clear customs and immigration, run back upstairs to make it through security, grab a bite of food to-go and then make it to our gate. Our flight to Jax was also under delay but we finally landed around midnight.

I’ll take some time with a later post to really debrief and recap the mission. But a huge thank you to all who supported the team financially and through prayer. We definitely felt carried on the prayers of our supporters and through the power of the Holy Spirit. God did such a good work in us and through us. Soli Deo Gloria!

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