Mission Nicaragua :: Day 5

Mission Nicaragua :: Day 5

It was our last full day of camp today out at the RR.  I have really been amazed at how flexible and creative our team has been, how responsive the Parcelas kids have been, how much fun we’ve had, how the Spirit has been at work and the list could go on and on.  It is so easy for me to see the vision for the RR after spending time out there in December and now being the pioneering camp team for the RR this year.  What a magnificent piece of property and opportunity for continued growth and ministry use.

I can’t help but think about the Kingdom during our time out there and today was no exception.  The Kingdom of God is here, yet the Kingdom of God is coming.  He has by His grace grafted us into His Kingdom and then given us a role to facilitate it’s expansion.  In Las Parcelas the Gospel seems to be in the infancy stages of penetration.  There isn’t a strong church presence and the spiritual education level is low, but the fields are ripe for harvest.  Being able to sow Gospel seeds in word and deed there each day has been a privilege.  We are praying the soil is fertile and will reap a spiritual harvest as we continue to build relationships and as the RR allows the Gospel to go forth.

Today was one of our hotter days, but God has been good to give us good shade and a nice breeze to enjoy and allow our energy to last a bit longer.  The kids are non-stop action and we do our best to keep up with them, whether on the Tarzan swing, the trampolines or on the bicycle race track.  We also taught and played a game of baseball with them.  After making the trek to Manuel’s house, we had to draw on some energy reserves, but the team did great and jumped right in to the construction project.  We finished making all the rebar today and got it in place to mix and pour concrete for the vegas (vee-guhs).  Manuel and his family were still working right alongside us and he continues to amaze us with his faith and joy in the Lord.  God is really united our hearts and we have a deep affection for he and his family.  We can’t wait to finish the house and dedicate it, but we still have a long way to go!

Tomorrow we head off to church with the Buzbees.  It is always a great experience to join with the nations in worship of Almighty God.  From there, we aren’t really sure what God has for us, but we continue to practice asking and listening and God is definitely guiding and leading us.  He has been so faithful to move in our students hearts.  During our team time at night and in our small groups, the honesty and authenticity are really providing opportunities for walls to come down and the Spirit to move.  We are continuing to pray for healing, growth and a greater awareness of His power and presence in our lives.  Thank you for supporting us in prayer!

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