We Have a Date!

We Have a Date!

cole xrayTalk about anticipation.  On Thursday, Cole went to have his one month post-operation x-ray.  This would be the x-ray that gave us either the news that the cast was ready to come off or we would have to wait longer… up to two more weeks.  Thursday couldn’t come fast enough, but really the waiting to hear from the doctor couldn’t come fast enough.  

We had the x-ray overnighted to Dr. Killian in Birmingham.  We needed it to be read on Friday so we could make plans for next week.  After multiple calls on Friday, we reached the end of the working day and had heard nothing.  We even called the after hours answering service and still nothing.  We had pretty much resigned ourselves that we wouldn’t hear anything until Monday.

The phone rang this morning (Saturday) and it was Dr. Killian. He personally answered all of our questions and explained the next steps.  And then he gave us our date… THIS TUESDAY THE CAST COMES OFF!  It was the news we wanted to hear and what we, in faith, we’re praying for.  In fact, we had already made a Tuesday appointment in anticipation of this news!

image copyCole was excited.  We quickly put the date on our countdown calendar.  We will travel up to Birmingham to have the cast removed, get the leg immobilizer fitted and do some physical therapy while we are up there.  We know we still have a long journey ahead of us, but this is an awesome and very anticipated next step.  

Again, we can’t thank you enough for all the love, prayers and support.  Our journey continues… we’re back on the road again.  But we do so with an awesome Guide whose timing is always perfect and whose plan prevails!

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