Mission Nicaragua: Day 5

Mission Nicaragua: Day 5

100_2203You wouldn’t think we were in the rainy season, as a good majority of Nicaragua has been experiencing a drought.  But God sent the rains today.  It was such a blessing for the people here who have desperately needed it, but we benefited from the coolness after the rain and knocking down the dust on the roads we travel on.  It also gave us a respite from some hard work today.  

Our team started strong by moving nearly 150 paver stones that weigh about 70 pounds each.  These will become the new stairwell leading to the ministry house at Ruby Ranch.  It was hot and hard work before the rains.  We also totally completed the infrastructure and piping for the water lines.  Ruby Ranch now has well water all the way around!  We experienced a few challenges connecting to the house and found some existing issues, but were able to fix them all.  We pressure tested the system and launched a stream of water over 30 feet into the air!

The team continues to work well and serve well together.  It is awesome for me to watch them take different roles based on their gifts, passions (and stamina level).  Some are ministering by filling up water bottles, others praying over the team and the work, others doing hard labor and others playing with the children when they arrive after their school day.  

During lunch today, we had a surprise celebration for Preston’s birthday (a day late due to our Sunday schedule).  But he and the team were pretty excited to enjoy a birthday donut!  

We actually completed our work a bit early today and were able to come back and swim and clean up for the first time before dinner (and make it to dinner on time).  After dinner, we had a great team time – coming to God’s Word hungry and walking away filled and challenged!  We have continued our conversation on what a mature Christian looks like and had to probe deeply into our hearts to check our desires and priorities.  God is speaking and we are listening!

Please pray for some of our team members who might have a cold or what we hope will be a 24-hour bug.  We definitely don’t want something like that to spread around!  Pray that we continue to labor well, as we are getting tired – that God would renew our strength.  Pray that we would continue to be challenged and encouraged in our faith!

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