College Mission Nicaragua :: Day 1

College Mission Nicaragua :: Day 1

For the second time this year, I’m privileged to be on the ground here in Nicaragua. This summer we had an awesome team of high school students and recent grads serving here.  And due to the overwhelming response, we had to push some off that team and launch a new team just for college students.  Many just finished their last exams yesterday and then woke up a 4-something this morning to hop on an early flight from Tallahassee to Nicaragua.

Praise God for uneventful travel!  Everything was smooth with our connections and getting our luggage into the country.  Being on mission in a foreign country tends to raise your awareness to areas God is working – especially small areas that you would normally overlook.

We actually arrived around noon and had plans to spend a half day working out at Ruby Ranch.  But we’ve learned to hold our “plans” very loosely!  Instead, today became a supply run day to prepare for construction and camp.  So the team wasn’t too disappointed to have a day to relax, adjust to a new time zone and prepare for the week ahead.

At our team time tonight, we got to share about our expectations and hopes for this mission.  Be praying with us that God would meet us both individually and corporately.  We are already praising God for the opportunities our travel afforded us to share the gospel and are praying for plenty more opportunities.  Thank you for following along and for praying for us!

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