College Mission Nicaragua :: Day 7

College Mission Nicaragua :: Day 7

There is nothing quite like Ruby’s House of Prayer.  Each team that I’ve lead down here has always made the pilgrimage to the community right outside of La Chureca (the dump that use to house residents and the Buzbee’s school) to go to Ruby’s for prayer.  It’s been a good few years since Ruby – a powerful woman of God – passed, but her legacy and ministry lives on.

I challenged our team to go in with open hearts… ready to hear and receive from the Lord.  And praise God, His Spirit was active and working through those praying, giving encouragement and challenge to everyone receiving prayer.

This has become such an important time for our teams here.  To spend the whole morning in worship and in prayer is life changing!  For me personally, God has met me in that place year after year in powerful ways. This year was no exception, other than I had the opportunity to be prayed for with my family.  What a privilege to sit together and come before God in prayer and worship.  The entire team shared testimonies of what God spoke to them and what the experience taught them.

We then took a quick walk down the street to visit a special lady named Damaris and her family.  Our team helped build her house many years ago.  And it is always a special time to go check up on her, see her family and pray with her.  We couldn’t believe that her little baby (when we built her house) is now a pre-teen and her oldest son is married and has his own child!

After prayer time, we took a ride through Managua to a place called Laguna de Apoyo for our team fun time.  It is a crater lake formed by one of the many volcanoes down here.  We enjoyed a great lunch of local food before enjoying the lake.  There were platforms to jump off into the cool, clear water, as well as a beautiful scenery to enjoy.  This was a much needed time of refreshment and renewal after a long week of investing in ministry here and after our intense time of prayer this morning.  We were all in awe of the beauty of God’s creation here and excited to enjoy it.  And as an added bonus, we got to see all the lights… including Christmas lights of Managua as we headed back to the compound.

Tonight during team time, we shared more of what God showed us today as well as looked back over the mission.  It was a bittersweet moment to realize that our time here has almost come to a close.  We’ve had some long, hard days, but they have been worth it.  We’ve had some powerful spiritual moments that we will never forget!

Thanks again for following us on this journey and most importantly for praying for us.  And if you’d like to see more pictures or catch other updates, check us out on

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