Mission Nica 16 :: Day 10

Mission Nica 16 :: Day 10

Many of the team (we won’t name names) we a bit excited to know that today was the last full day of construction.  But we started off by praying for stamina and for the endurance to give our best and finish well.  We had a good amount of projects left incomplete and a few new ones we were hoping to tackle.  But this meant a significant investment in hard work.  Which also meant being hot and sweaty.  Which then leads to being sticky and dirty as this dirt seems really attracted to sweat… or maybe the sunscreen.

Either way, we headed out to the Ranch and the team really pulled together to get a solid amount of sandbags filled to complete the decking area of the waterslide.  After a quick bite to eat we launched out on multiple projects – sanding the bathhouse, finishing the last water fountain and burying all pipes, clearing and leveling dirt and then starting yet another new trench to build a retaining wall/water diversion wall.

Another new project we tackled was adding a wooden footer around the base of the fence for the interior of the sports court.  Measuring and purchasing wood in the imperial system (familiar to us in the USA) and fitting them on fencing constructed in the metric system was a bit challenging.  But we got it finished and it looks awesome!

For our last big project, we hit a snag in the cable we purchased was mis-measured.  We were having to replace some electrical cable that our team a few years ago trenched and laid due to it starting to melt through the casing.  It also didn’t help the cable when we put a pick axe through it while trenching it out yesterday.  Praise God, Connor lived to tell the story with all his hair intact.  As we prepped the trenches today, we found that the cable was short and would have to have new, more direct trenches prepared.  Despite wanting to finish it all, we had already worked past dinner and had to call it quits (and we were losing daylight pretty rapidly).

But the team most certainly gave their all and we even mixed a batch of concrete at the very end to finish the retaining wall and finish the day.  Praise God for His faithfulness to give us exactly what we needed for today.

Of course, having the kiddos come to play was also what many needed.  God has given this team an awesome heart for these kids and we love welcoming them to the ranch.  From baseball to trampolines and the playground to jump rope, we love these kids and want to show them Jesus great love for them.

Tomorrow will be our last full day here.  We know God has great things in store as we go to our special prayer time at Ruby’s House of Prayer.  Then we’ll also have some team time on a little excursion.  Please pray we finish well and that God continues to work nightly in us and through us!

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