Misson Nica 16 :: Day 11

Misson Nica 16 :: Day 11

Today is a day that I look forward to every mission.  It’s our team visit to prayer at Sister Ruby’s House of Prayer.  Ruby has since passed away, but her legacy and ministry lives on. What a mighty warrior of God through prayer she was.  Her mind was sharp, her witness bold, her love for God deep and prayers powerful.  And her house stands as a bastion of hope in a neighborhood that needs hope and also a welcome place for teams to come and be ministered to through prayer and worship.

So we loaded up the bus and headed in to Managua.  I always prep our team for the prayer time – to be open and expectant for what God may have for them.  And God was so faithful to meet us in that place.  It was a powerful time of worship, prayer, healing, encouragement and hope.  Our team was impacted in a mighty way and we were still talking about it and processing it even at team time tonight.

Because our team worked so hard and prayer time can be spiritually and emotionally exhausting, we took the afternoon off for some team bonding and fun.  We always let the team decide what they want to do (based on a few options) and they chose to go to Laguna de Apoyo which is a crater lake that was formed when a nearby volcano blew it’s lid.  We enjoyed a lunch there, jumped off the platforms, swam in the lake and just had a fun, relaxing time together.

We returned for our last dinner here at the compound and our final team time.  We are fortunate to not have the early morning flight out, so we will work on the donated clothes that we will leave here to bless the ministry.  Then, with mixed emotions, we will head back.  Thank you for praying for us during this mission and we ask you would continue to pray that we would have opportunities to share our faith as we travel and for God’s grace as we head back home!

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