Mission Haiti : Day 3

Mission Haiti : Day 3

One of the amazing aspects of mission no matter where in the world I’ve experienced it has been how the Gospel is able to move beyond cultural and linguistic barriers.  The reality is, most everything about us, our culture, practices, language and even lives are so different from these beautiful orphans and other Haitians we are working with.  Yet it is so  cool to see the power of relationship and most importantly the power of the Holy Spirit’s ability to bridge together what seemingly would be insurmountable differences.

So we continue to find ourselves finding joy in the work and most certainly in the relationships.  We are settling in to a rhythm of life, work and ministry with the kids here. Our days start early, the work is hot and hard, but it is punctuated by the rhythms of relational grace that God so freely showers down here.  We are learning names and slowly learning some phrases in Creole.  It’s amazing to see how many of the children know phrases or are actually somewhat fluent in English (far more than our Creole).  And we are enjoying having them work alongside us.  Sometimes that slows us down and other times puts a smile on our face as our muscles get a respite.

We continued work on the wall today.  After a quick shopping trip for some metal and wire – we started the process of making some homemade rebar.  This gives the wall more strength and stability.  It’s a slow process and we felt that a bit today.  Thankfully, we completed a few sections of the wall that had been damaged and also finished the wall in the kitchen that was broken in the storm.

Others on the team jumped in having fun with the kids and others joined a painting project on the building adjacent to the wall which will become an older boys dorm.  There are more children than usual staying here as one of ESMI’s other ministry centers was more damaged by the storm and had to relocate the children here.

Lunch is a break from the heat and work, but we find it difficult to get moving again! We’re not sure if siestas are a part of the culture here, so we push through!  But God is good to give us the strength we need to make more concrete and send it down the bucket lines to the wall!

A new favorite for us after work is to hop on the roof and enjoy some peace and quiet watching the sunset before dinner. The vistas surrounding the property are amazing and refreshing for our spirit.  Of course, dinner is as well.  It is quite the spread they put out for us each night and we are loving the Haitian flavors and trying new things!

The night caps off with our team time.  Opening God’s Word and sharing life together is good for our souls.  Our team is growing together in love and unity.  We are so thankful for this opportunity to be here and for the many of you that sacrificed to make it possible.  We are also humbled and empowered by your prayers.  Thanks for standing with us as a part of our extended team!

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