Mission Nicaragua :: Day 1

Mission Nicaragua :: Day 1

Another year has lead to another flight with another team that has made the journey down here to Nicaragua.  We are now 14 years strong in sending student ministry teams from Wildwood down here to partner with Open Hearts Ministries and the Buzbee family.  This place has most certainly become home away from home for me.  And this is a place of memories and such a special place where God’s Spirit has so faithfully met us year after year.

Our daily was fairly uneventful today as most of it was consumed with travel.  But we are all pretty wiped as we met this morning at 4:15a to get loaded up to head to the airport.  This was our earliest Tallahassee departure.  But we all sleepily made it on to the plane en route to Miami.  We arrived in Miami to a decent layover to grab some breakfast and coffee to get us going.

We almost had a scare when we realized at boarding time that our gate was changed and had a quick jog to another concourse.  But the flight was delayed so we made it in time and we were off to Nicaragua in no time.  We touched down to remember that we said goodbye to AC for 12 days!

A quick stop to the grocery store to load up on supplies for lunches (and some personal snacks) and then we arrived at the Quinta.  After lunch we got settled and actually enjoyed an afternoon of rest and relaxation after a pretty exhausting travel morning.

Dinner, sorting our bags and then our team time capped off the evening.  We shared where we saw God at work today and our expectations that He would meet us here and work powerfully in and through us.  We appreciate you praying for us to that end.

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