Mission Nicaragua :: Day 3

Mission Nicaragua :: Day 3

We are settling in to a rhythm here not only with our days, but even our construction and camp schedule.  We are also adjusting to the culture and Nica-time which means we are learning to be flexible.  And learning this together and getting settled in has unified the team more and more as our goal is growing in our love for Jesus and for one another.

Today, was pretty similar to yesterday as we arrived at Ruby Ranch to first do construction and then camp.  We divided up a bit for construction and had one team working on digging a trench to run water and power to the new bathrooms that are being built and then the other team working on the pathway that will connect the Rancho to the water slide.  More dirt had to be removed, but the biggest move was all the cantera stones – which is no easy task.  We moved them along the pathway to make it easier for the masons to get into place.  It was awesome to see the pathway starting to take shape.

We then all joined together to work on backfilling dirt behind the retaining wall that was built behind the first cabin at Ruby Ranch.  The new cabin is beautiful and one of many to come that will allow teams to do overnight camp.  After unearthing a good few tarantulas, we just kept moving dirt.  The teamwork was evident and we’ll just have a little more to finish this project.

But we had to break in order to eat our lunch before the kids arrived for our second day of camp.  And then we start to hear the sound of children coming up the road.  We welcomed back all the campers and after their lunch, camp was underway.  There were new lessons, activities and excitement for the kids to experience today.  Each group and station leaders did a great job making camp happen.  What a joy to see the happiness of the kids as they went station to station.  They are engaging in the camp process and in relationship with our team.  Most stayed well after camp time to keep playing with us.

A little more work up by the cabin finished up a long and hot day.  We again arrived pretty dirty but hungry and are enjoying our evenings together – from our meal, to our team time, to our small group time.  God is really pressing in on our hearts about the competing desires that distract us from Him being our ultimate desire and delight.  We are learning more about our hearts and how we can connect with God.

Please join us in praying for our last full day of camp.  Pray we will be faithful to the Gospel and love and share Jesus well tomorrow!

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