Mission Nicaragua :: Day 4

Mission Nicaragua :: Day 4

Mornings come early here but are such an awesome time to spend with the Lord.  The beauty of the Quinta with the sun breaking through the trees, the gentle breeze and the birds chirping is such a great setting to connect with God.  We are learning that hearing His voice as we read His Word and pray is so much easier when we don’t have the usual distractions we are used to.  And this individual TAWG and team devo time really sets lays the foundation for our day.

Today, we headed out for our final day of regular camp.  But first, we had some projects to occupy us before the kids arrived.  A few tackled moving some more cantera stones for the sidewalk, while others worked on the bathroom project and then the rest went up to the cabin to clean the exterior in preparation for the coat of polyurethane.  We made good progress before it was time to grab some lunch and prepare for the kids arrival and to start camp with their lunch.

Speaking of lunch, it’s humbling to watch them take their lunches and only eat a portion in order to save the rest for later to take to their families.  It’s a change in perspective for many of us, who wouldn’t think much about saving food, much less thinking about saving our food for others.

After lunch the rotation began for our camp stations and our team did a great job leading the kids in Bible, English, Sports, Music and Arts/Crafts.  The Gospel is going out through each of these groups and in the relationships we are forming.

And it’s been awesome to see the progress Ruby Ranch is making as teams continue to invest in the future of the Ranch.  Even to know that we are enjoying and building on the work that previous teams laid – like the zip line which was enjoyed by the kids today at their Sports rotation.  Or to be working on the cabin that others invested in financially to see come to fruition and we are just one small piece that will help continue it’s progress.  Only heaven will reveal one day what these investments, year after year and team after team will have produced for the Kingdom.

God is doing a good work, not only through our serving out at Ruby Ranch, but also in our team time as we continue to look at our relationship with God and what it looks like to fight for joy in our relationship with Christ.  That we would find our identity in Him and delight in Him knowing that we have “tasted and seen that the Lord is good.” (Psalm 34:8).  He is bringing conviction to our hearts and a desire to walk in faithfulness.

Tomorrow is our community day and big camp finale.  Please pray for us and pray especially that as the Gospel is preached, many would hear and know of God’s amazing love and respond in faith to the good news.

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