Mission Nicaragua :: Day 8

Mission Nicaragua :: Day 8

Mornings in Nica are beautiful and the Quinta offers such amazing spaces to meet God and enjoy the beauty of His creation.  And I’ve been so proud watching our students take their TAWG time seriously.  And then to see them lead their peers in our morning team devo has also been encouraging.  God truly has put together a great team and we are enjoying growing in our love for Him and each other.

We are now settling in to a rhythm on our construction work and it’s been awesome to see this team transition from camp to full-time construction.  Each are finding what they are good at as well as trying to do some more challenging things.  It’s been really cool to have two or three projects at once (knowing I can’t oversee them all) and see students and leaders step up and lead out.  Everyone has been working really hard, no matter how mundane the task may be.

Today, we continued projects that were in the works.  We worked up at the cabin – on the exterior – finishing the trough and grading behind the retaining wall.  During the rainy season, ground water can do some serious damage and cause erosion.  On the interior of the cabin, we continued with electrical work and also prepping the framing for the coming wall board (like sheetrock but stronger).

Another project was water control and trenching around the newly constructed sidewalk (which indirectly caused another project).  Some of the dirt we moved in construction to fill some holes couldn’t handle the rain and turned into a wicked mud puddle.  First a delivery truck caused some damage to the drive due to the mud, then the bus got stuck in it dropping us off.  So the mud had to go, but not before one of our leaders decided to make a mud angel.  The craziness never stops.

Also in the works today was a team planting trees, another project involving prepping for a sidewalk and the digging holes and moving poles (think 8 ft tree trunks) for an enclosure.  All in all, the team is working hard and it’s fun to see these projects get finished.  And it’s always a blast when some of our campers and neighborhood kids show up to play or work alongside us.

Tonight during team time, we celebrated our mission trip birthdays.  We got a cake and sang to John Michael, Hallie and Autumn who got to have a birthday celebration here in Nicaragua!  We even successfully live streamed the celebration on our Mission Nica Facebook page.

God is doing a good work in and through us.  We are honored to be sent out to be used by Him and are grateful for friends like you who made that possible and are supporting this mission in prayer.


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