Mission Nicaragua :: Day 3

Mission Nicaragua :: Day 3

We are settling in to a rhythm here in Nicaragua.  Even though our schedule can change and things run on Nica time, we are learning to better walk in the Spirit, listen for God’s voice and be flexible in all things!  God is good to stretch us and grow us and He just seems to work in a more visible way when we are outside of our comfort zone and stripped from our usual rhythms, routines and especially distractions.  It is so encouraging to see this team’s pursuit of God individually and together as a team.

Today, we loaded up the cattle truck and rode like cattle out to Ruby Ranch.  This always makes for an exciting ride and is actually a pretty common mode of transportation to be loaded into a truck, car, motorcycle or even horse cart.  One extra blessing was the incredible views of Nicaragua we got on the ride out.

We knew we had a big task ahead of us today and everyone jumped right in.  Our favorite cantera stones (about 60-80 lbs each) needed to be moved from an area we had actually set them in years ago for the waterslide expansion.  Next on deck was the removal of many of the sandbags (equal in weight) that hold down and give structure to the slide.  Then we also had to tackle removing all the old posts that formed the railing for the stairs to reach the top.  A big shout out to Henry for showing us some solid techniques (after we labored doing it our way for over an hour).  Another small team was helping prep the new posts with a sealer and plastic before they can be installed.

Right before lunch we were greeted by some special visitors… kids!  Some of the local Las Parcelas kids came out to have some fun and hang with us at the Ranch.  It was such a blessing to see some of the kids who have been our camp kids over the past few years.  Keeping and strengthening these relationships are so important for us and the mission of RR.  This also allowed the team to divide and conquer – finishing up all we could do on construction (after a sudden downpour) and others playing with the kids.

It was a long day, but also a full day.  The team worked really hard today.  Which meant we ate really well for dinner (praise God for Maria) and will sleep really well tonight… actually, they are already sleeping as I type.

Tomorrow we start our first day of camp with the kids.  We are a bit apprehensive but also excited.  We’ve had to revamp our structure with a smaller team – but our goal is still the same – share the love of Christ through all of our words and activities.  Will you pray for us and our campers tomorrow?

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