Mission Nicaragua :: Day 6

Mission Nicaragua :: Day 6

It’s hard to see day 6 staring at me as I write tonight.  That means we are at the halfway point of our mission here in Nicaragua.  In some ways, it feels that way and in other ways it feels like we are still just getting started.  But rather than focus on that, we are still just on a journey learning how to walk by the Spirit each and every day.

At our team time each night I ask, “Where did you see God today?”  What we are hoping to do is learn to see God more clearly.  We know He desires to be seen… “draw near to me and I will draw near to you.”  And we know He is always speaking… “Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.”  The same God that spoke the universe into existence continues to speak to us today.  The issue isn’t with God, but rather than us.  We are often too distracted and not still enough to tune in.  Praise God for the gift of no technological distractions, a slower pace and an intentional, spiritual focus where we can better learn to see and listen.  And we also rejoice in what He is showing and teaching us both individually and corporately.

I write about this every year, but it is always so awe inspiring to worship in a foreign context.  There is so much to learn by participating with other people groups.  What an amazing picture of the reality of what is to come – when every tribe, tongue and nation will gather in worship to our great and glorious King.  As we were worshipping here in Spanish in Nicaragua, our faith family back home at Wildwood Church was also gathering to worship.  God’s presence was real and it was a joy to gather in worship today.

Being the Lord’s Day, we ceased from our labors (and the team rejoiced greatly)!  Despite being under pressure to get the waterslide done for our big camp ender on Tuesday, we know will just have to work really hard tomorrow!  So today after lunch, we headed out to a team favorite – Wemby’s Market.  It was encouraging to see a sense of normal as we moved through Managua and also the market.  And it gave the team a chance to load up on their souvenirs.

We then were able to return to the Buzbees for a slower paced afternoon and evening.  Some naps, some reading, some pool time, then team dinner, team time and small groups.  We rejoice over the healing God has provided for those under the weather.  Everyone was able to join us today although we know sickness is still lingering.  And with other groups/teams here – we are continuing to pray for healing and strength.  Thanks for standing with us in prayer!  We appreciate you!

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